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Through our custom design, high quality t-shirts, or our catalog fundraisers we can help you to reach all of your fundraising goals. We have over 8 years of experience in printing, and have worked with many types of fundraisers and organizations, such as-

• Churches

• Schools

• Organizations

• Events

• Teams and groups

• Non-profits

• And more!

We’re constantly working to exceed our own standards of excellence, and feel very confident and proud about the program we have, and the success we’ve brought to so many others over the years. 

Check out our About page to see more on how it works, as well as our Blog for examples of t-shirts and work we’ve done!

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Find out more about us and how it works, fundraising opportunities and profit potential, incentives, and more!

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Take a look at the Tees for Funds Catalogs for our fundraising options. We also offer the Tees for Funds Custom Fundraiser, where you can have a custom design T-shirt made, with your team, school, or organization logo .

Check out everything Tees for Funds has to offer, to help you reach all of your fundraising goals! Then, simply contact us to get started! If you're interested in our Christian Catalog or our New Local Buy catalog we'll send you a free sample packet and all additional information to get you started. For the Tees for Funds Custom Fundraiser, just contact us to get started with creating yours!

See What Others Are Saying about Us!

"Phenomenal Tees for funds Company has done exactly what their name says. They have gone above and beyond to see us to the end thinking of nothing more than success for our school W A Perry Middle. The CEO has walked with us every inch of the way hand in hand from the very first day and she is continuing to do so until our project is complete. She is very selfless, professional and works out of completely concern. I have not experienced this type of customer service with no other company that we have work with within all of my 8 years of working with the PTA. SURELY, I would not have a second thought about fundraising with Phenomenal Tees for funds again, their name says it all. If you are looking for a Phenomenal fundraising company with great profits and incentives this is the company for you. You would not be disappointed. Yours truly, W.A. PERRY PTA'S Vice President Mrs. Green."

"I was very pleased with quality of the Tshirts and would definitely use you all again for a fundraiser." -Mrs. Jones

"Although we were not able to do a huge fundraiser like we wanted, it was a success. Everyone loved the shirts and the quality is excellent. We will definitely be doing another when the time is right."  

-Mrs. Adams Tomorrow's Not Promised Non-profit organization

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Custom Design

Choose from either our Christian T-Shirt Catalog, our New Local Buy catalog or contact us to create a custom design for your fundraiser

T-Shirt Printing

Top quality printing and products for every fundraiser


Helping you reach your fundraising goals, one product at a time